christmas in oklahoma



laurannae  //  it was almost serendipitous how i stumbled across this coffee shop; just minutes from where we had dinner. from the decor to the coffee, it was so lovely. i absolutely fell in love with this coffee shop! (we also visited their other location near our airbnb) 

oklahoma aquarium  //  so fascinating! i could watch the jellyfish for hours. 

rhema lights  //  over three million lights donned the bible college campus. we arrived a little early, so we waited by the duck pond. and then- in such a magical way- all the lights turned on. it was so lovely to experience. 

other favs  //  topeca coffee shop, bass pro, nordaggio’s coffee shop, the view of keystone lake from our airbnb, when jackson wanted to play checkers + called them “chiggers”, the tulsa zoo, shopping with my mama, the sauna at the airbnb, + opening presents with my family.


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