my favorite things, gift edition

we are just a little under two weeks until christmas. jared + i have most of our shopping done. nothing is wrapped, but whatever. i should just hire a t-rex to do the job because that's what my skills amount to when it comes to gift wrapping. 


i used to love when people posted gift guides. and then i didn't. but this year- i kinda like it again. but only from certain people. some are really thoughtful with their picks while others just want you to buy through their link so they can make that commission. 

i will tell you up front, most of these are affiliate links through amazon. i do not care if you buy with my link or not; i just genuinely like + use each product listed, so i wanted to share it in case someone needs a last-minute gift idea. 

-  THE AMAZON COAT. [affiliate link] i was searching the internet in early autumn for a new winter coat. i stumbled upon an entire instagram account dedicated to "the amazon coat". after researching + reading reviews, i finally decided to get it (thanks, mom!). i understand the hype now. it is warm, has tons of pockets, and is also super cute + cozy (comes in several colors too!). 

-  BAREFOOT DREAMS BLANKET.  [affiliate link] this is the most bougie thing i own. yes, the price tag is . . . a lot. full disclosure- mine was a gift. but it is so luxurious + worth the money.

-  BIDET[affiliate link] if you think it's weird to gift a bidet to someone, think again because we gifted one to a family member this year, and they absolutely love it! we are on our second bidet and will always have one on a toilet in our home.  

-  INSTAX[affiliate link] if you've been here for a minute, you know i love instax polaroids. this is a great gift for everyone. 

-  WEIGHTED BLANKET[affiliate link] this blanket is like a big hug. i have convinced several people to buy one! 

-  MILDLINER PASTEL HIGHLIGHTERS[affiliate link] i love these so much that i have a pack at home + a pack at work. great for bullet journaling, but also just great for everyday use.

-  SCRIBD SUBSCRIPTION. it's no secret that i love audiobooks. i really like the scribd app. you can also read books (like an e-reader, but on your phone). i can always find a book on the app, and for $10 a month, it's a great deal.

-  JCREW SLIPPERS. i have raved about these on instagram. they are so comfortable; it's like walking on clouds. i am on my second pair for this winter. highly recommend! 


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