weekly musings // 0018


-  this week was hard. i limped my way through, weary + raw from such intense emotions. i didn't record a lot of musings, but that's okay.  

-  i started working on my powersheets prep. i have used this goal setting tool for years. i skipped 2021 because my 2020 powersheets were untouched after march. (no elaboration needed, right?) as i reflected on this year + looked forward to 2022, i knew it was time to incorporate them back into my daily routine. i am not a super goal-oriented person, but i like having a little bit of structure. 

-  i had an idea to share some of my favorite things on the blog in case anyone is needing a last-minute gift idea. that is coming to the blog + ig stories later today.

-  jared + jackson came to visit me at work one afternoon. i showed them around our new headquarters + then we ventured over to our favorite coffee shop. the weather was beautiful, so we sat outside. it was so lovely.

-  “worry is belief gone wrong. because you don't believe that God will get it right. peace is belief that exhales. because you believe that God's provision
is everywhere--like air.” [ann voskamp]

-  i really want to get some red aspen nail dashes, but it's an MLM + i don’t know if i can do that. 


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