weekly musings // 0017


-  it is a christmas miracle: i have finished TWO physical books in two weeks. LOL. but seriously, i am really starting to like the slowness of sitting down with hot tea, next to our floral christmas tree, + reading a book in my hands. i will not quit audiobooks, but this is a quiet rhythm i have enjoyed lately.

-  normally i recap the month on the blog, but i just wasn't feeling it for november. instead- i listed the 10 things that i loved. i may or may not continue this for the coming months. i liked changing it up a bit, so we'll see.

-  i started a new bullet journal this week! i have switched to seasonal journals, so this one will go from december to february (winter). i opted for a smaller moleskine journal (affiliate link) this time, and i am enjoying it. 

-  on friday night, my coworkers + i headed over to river city brewery for some delicious food to celebrate our year + our departments' accomplishments. it was so fun to see them outside of our cubicles. after stuffing ourselves, we ventured over to an escape room. i had never experienced it before, so i was very excited. with just seconds left, my team made it out! i may have almost broken my foot in the process, but i took one for the team to win, lol.

-  christmas lights are so magical. 

-  i started reading ann voskamp's advent book. i haven't taken time to slow down + observe advent in years. i felt it a necessity for this season. so often, we get distracted by all the things (even good things!) and we forget to remember Jesus. my one hope, my biggest prayer this christmas season is one thing: Jesus. that my eyes would focus on His coming; that i would remember Him; that He is who i long for. only Jesus. 

-  "the only thing that will satisfy our hunger for more is to hunger for the One who comes down to bethlehem, house of bread, the One who comes after us and offers Himself as Bread for our starved souls." ann voskamp, the greatest gift (affiliate link)


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