favorite books in 2021.


-  "into the drowning deep"  -  mira grant

when i first learned of this book, it was described as "mermaid horror". i was intrigued, although slightly confused. i think what made this book so good for me is its uniqueness- i hadn't yet read a book about mermaids (not at all like ariel from the little mermaid!). i am a firm believer that the atmosphere in which a book is read can add to the reading experience. that was definitely the case with this book- i read it as the days slowly shifted from winter to springtime. this one stuck with me for weeks! 

-  "the little book of hygge"  -  meik wiking

i am on a quest to enjoy the coming winter season instead of just trying to survive it. this was a look into why denmark is the happiest country in the world + how the danish culture embraces their everyday lives through the practice of hygge. [pronounced “hyoo-guh“] jared + i discussed this book so much that one night- as i sat by the christmas tree while sipping coffee + reading a book- jackson asked me, “mommy, are you practicing your hygge?” 😂😂 [i was, indeed!]

-  "gently + lowly"  -  dane c. ortlund 

i don't really know if a review could do this book justice. what a beautiful reminder (or for some: a
revelation) of the heart of Jesus for us. this is one i
will be re-reading over + over.

-  "daisy jones + the six"  -  taylor jenkins reid

i was late to this book, but i completely understand the hype. i listened to it on audio, and they had different people read for the different characters, which added a wonderful layer to the reading experience. regardless of the presentation, the book was just so good. i finished it in two days! 

-  "the cheerleaders"  -  kara thomas

i finished this book with just a few days left in the year, and i knew it had to make this list of favorites. i really enjoyed it! it's a cross of riverdale + veronica mars (my fav tv show). i kept thinking about wanting to read this book, even while at work, so i knew it was a good one. i didn't see the twist coming, which is always nice. (i will say, the main character does something in the beginning of the book that i was like, really?? it did not add to the story, so i was a little annoyed by that.) 

honorable mentions-

-  “gay girl, good God”  -  jackie hill perry  (review here)
-  “no filter: the inside story of instagram”  -  sarah frier  (fascinating!) 
-  "the maidens"  -  alex michaelides 

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