things i love

i love wildflowers. i love a well-curated playlist. i love that first sip of coffee. i love taking long walks. i love holding babies. i love cotton candy sunsets. 

i love christmas. i love thanksgiving. i love the fourth of july. i love celebrating, even if it's a made-up day such as national coffee day. i love that we leave our christmas tree up through all of january. 

i love the beauty of winter nature. i love sushi. i love having the windows open. i love british accents. i love talking about sooner football with my dad, how we can recall certain plays + games that happened years ago with such clarity.

i love the feeling of shedding my business casual attire + changing into my favorite sweatshirt as soon as i get home. i love asiago bagels topped with mounds of cream cheese.   

i love when a sunset makes me pause. i love when people wave after i've let them ahead of me in traffic. i love when a stranger returns my smile.

i love movie nights at home, cozied up on the couch. i love that feeling of returning from another dimension after walking out of a movie theater. 

i love when jared comes up behind me + envelops me in a hug. i love when he walks by + smacks my booty. 

i love driving through my neighborhood as the sun sets because it shows off the stunning fall foliage. i love pop culture. i (still) love blogs.

i love when i am walking + jackson’s little hand grabs mine. i love when luna gets the zoomies. i love podcasts about books. i love how tyler hops a little when we pour his food into a bowl.

i love dinosaurs + the color blue because of jackson.
i love coffee + movies because of jared.

i love cheesy dad jokes. i love sweet tea. i love the first transformers movie. i love to communicate in GIFs. i love the childhood i had with my brother.

i love instagram. i love taking photos of flowers. i love twinkle lights. i love being inspired. i love driving through college hill during the holidays. i love game nights.

i love the smell of the heater when it’s first turned on after a long, hot summer. i love to watch a thunderstorm roll in. i love shopping with my mom.

i love potatoes, in any form.
i love cake, in most flavors.

i love browsing target with a hot latte in my hands. i love driving in downtown ICT at dusk. i love a fresh manicure. i love edwin mccain's song, "i'll be".

i love how when i say "one of my friends", jared knows i'm talking about an internet friend i've never met in real life. i love the stillness of snowfall. i love slow saturday mornings.

i love when a 90s song comes on in the grocery store. i love the smell of rain. i love maple donuts. 

i love the look on peoples’ faces when i recount the story of how jared + i met. i still love the ring we picked out over six years ago. 

i love scripture. i love how God reveals Himself to me through flowers. i love that my Creator gave me the gift to create.

i love the little things in life. i love to romanticize simple, everyday moments. i love lists. i love this list.

*idea from ashlee gadd - whose writing i always love.


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