weekly musings // 0014


-  after five stores + hours of searching, jared + i finally made my floral christmas tree vision come to life. it is so, so beautiful + i smile every time i see it. 

-  i could eat my weight in cheesy potatoes.

-  after weeks of searching, i finally found a sling bag! (it's technically a fanny pack, but i use it differently.)

-  i went to the library this week! i haven't been since before the you-know-what started, and it was wonderful to be roaming around books again.  

-  the winter 2021 issue of magnolia journal was such a delight to read. 

-  i was thinking in the shower (where all my great ideas start) about how i see debates online. when someone is very . . . *passionate* or angry or whatever, i try to see how their worldview relates to their opinion on the topic at hand. more often than not, a strong viewpoint that seems based on emotion is related to a past trauma or event. instead of trying to see it from their perspective, we just see dissension. this is where the internet has skewed our empathy. everyone is yelling at each other when we all just need to take a breath + listen.

-   i started reading HRH: so many thoughts on royal style

-  i had the day off on thursday. we had lunch at district taqueria + then walked around the zoo. we chilled the rest of the evening + it was a wonderful day off with my boys.

-  i only washed my hair once this week! i attribute most of this success to using better hair products

-  we finally got a costco membership. i know our first grocery bill is going to be so high, but the way we're structuring it, we will only shop there twice a month. jared has taken over our grocery shopping + planning + i am happy to let him take over.

-  i participated in laura tremaine's day-in-the-life challenge, one day HH. it is saved in my IG highlights.

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