5 things i loved in december.


1.   christmas in oklahoma.  my parents rented an airbnb for a few days the weekend before christmas. it was SO fun! we visited the aquarium + a few coffee shops + a few other places. lots of memories made!

2.  spiderman: no way home.  on christmas eve, we went with my brother-in-law to see the new spiderman movie. it was so good! i know some people are over super hero movies, but i am just happy to be going to the movies again. other than that feeling of leaving another dimension after you walk out of the theater, my other favorite thing is when a scene makes everyone in the room audibly gasp. it happened during the spiderman movie + my serotonin spiked hard core. 

3.  impress nails.  i wore a few sets of these nails throughout the month. they are easy to apply + last about a week. it’s nice because they don’t chip like polish does. 

4.  laurannae espresso + pastry bar.  i will not stop posting allllll the photos i took when we visited this adorable spot in tulsa. when i tell you i am OBSESSED. the ambiance, the decor, the coffee, the EVERYTHING. it's what my coffee shop dreams are made of.

5.  reflecting on 2021.  writing my end-of-the year recaps is always so cathartic. i like to document my life, so it's fun to remember the daily happenings of the last twelve months. i reflect to remember. the days can run together sometimes, but i choose to document my daily life (is some way or another) so that i can look back and remember His faithfulness is those seasons.


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