birthday photo diary

this is 36.

and these are not the photos i thought i would be posting at the end of my birthday.

we had a fun vacation planned with my parents. they rented a nice airbnb outside of tulsa. and yesterday, jared woke up with (probably) covid. 

disappointed does not even begin to describe it.
i still cannot find the right word, actually.

but thankfully my parents were still able to make it to the airbnb, and since their anniversary is coming up, they're turning lemons into lemonade + celebrating early.

i tried to make the best of today. after sleeping in a little, i cleaned up the house, ate breakfast, brewed coffee in the chemex, and sat down for a couple hours to write. jackson + i headed out to trader joe's + stopped by mcalister's for lunch. i grabbed a crumbl cookie on my way home + spent the afternoon writing some more + catching up on some reading.

it may not have been the day we planned, but i tried my best to make the most of it.


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