Sunday, November 17, 2019

old journals + card games + free money

-after weeks of unsuccessfully trying to catch up, i finally decided to quit my polaroid project for 2019. many reasons kept me from giving up, but in the end- my heart just wasn't in it anymore. if i'm being transparent, i didn't want to look like a quitter. but once i made the decision, i felt so much lighter.

-  jackson now asks me to kiss his booboos, and my heart explodes every time.

-  i took a short social media break this week. it was nice to unplug for a bit. i read a lot + absentmindedly reached for my phone. i know breaks from our phones are beneficial. other people i know have used words like "refreshed" + "rejuvenated" when describing their time away from social media. i felt that a little, but what was most convicting was my average time per day. before the break: 3+ hours per day. during the break: 30 minutes per day. yikes. i think in the future, i will probably just try to limit my daily usage as opposed to taking long breaks.

-  the chocolate chip cookie dough perfect bar at TJs is so dang good.

-  i am currently going room by room + cleaning/purging/reorganizing. i came across some of my old journals, once which had a list of to-dos from the weeks after jared + i eloped. i was hit with a wave of emotion. tears formed in my eyes as i heard my boys in the next room, laughing about something. this. this right here is what i hoped for. and i have it. sometimes everyday life gets in the way, and i get caught up in all the things i need/have to do. it was a gentle reminder of what's important in life. (and that i will make a list for just about any occasion.)

-  i read everything i never told you this week, and it was just okay.

-  i am close to cashing out on my ibotta app this week! all i have to do is add the items i purchased (in the app) and then scan my receipt, and i get free money. here is an affiliate link if you're interested. (does anyone use other rebate apps? i'm all about that free money.)

-  when i turn on praise music, jackson likes to stand next to me and dance with the music. i was worshipping + i had stopped for a moment. he grabbed my arm and said, "mommy, raise hands again and close your eyes like you do." HA! i had no idea he was actually watching me.

-  i love card games + board games. this time of year is perfect for playing games, and it just gives me all the feels.

-  i have started writing my end-of-year post for 2019. it's one of my favorite posts to write.
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