i'm famous + elderberry + a good book

-  i discovered i am famous this week. last year, i tweeted about khloe kardashian opening up regarding her experience of supplementing with formula. i may not watch their tv show, but i can respect someone with her status to be so open about a topic that can often be shameful. WELL. i was googling something and realized some news outlets ("news" lol) wrote articles about how she felt. SO I AM FAMOUS NOW. here is one article + here is another. this won't change me guys. i'm still me.

-  we bought our christmas tree this week! i totally would have already had it up on november first, but they just put out the real trees this week. there's something magical about a twinkling tree.

-  i started taking these probiotic shots every day.

-  i also made my own elderberry syrup! i bought some local elderberry concentrate and used their recipe.

-  i finished the last time i lied. totally unputdownable! i then started reading the lola quartet.

-  i made sweet potatoes topped with bbq chicken this week, and DANG - it was so good!

-  the recap is a little short this week. it was a busy one. but i am grateful. this time of year gives me all the big feelings. [who am i kidding? i get all those feelings on a random tuesday in february.] it's no secret that this year has been full of pain + heartbreak. but i am thankful that God is who He says He is.

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