baby yoda + powersheets + "bananica"

-  i chopped over six inches of hair off this week. it feels so good. i also covered up my white-trash roots, so ya girl is really feeling fabulous.

-  i ate my weight in cheesy potatoes this week + i am not regretful in the least.

-  we took jackson to see the lights at botanica, and when we told him where we were going, he said, "i'm going to bananica!"

-  how am i just now realizing how amazing sweet potatoes are? i made them last week + i could eat them every day. tell me your favorite ways to eat them.

-  i tried black friday this year, but only lasted five minutes. it just wasn't worth it.

-  i finished white collar this week. now i need something else to binge before bed.

-  i'm brainstorming ideas + goals for next year. i use a goal workbook called powersheets. it is nerdy + i love it.

-  can i have a baby yoda for christmas?

-  in case you are under the impression that i have my life together, i went to the store tonight specifically for one thing. i ended up buying all of our groceries while i was there instead of using grocery pickup. and i forgot the ONE THING we really, really needed. ughhhhhhh. that was just how today went.


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