dry shampoo + classy things + 20s gala

-  i made my first amount of income from affiliate links! [there are some throughout this post, FYI.] this means i'm an influencer now, right? negative, ghost rider. i've been a part of amazon's affiliate program for five years, and i just now hit the minimum payout amount for $10. yep, that's right. i only made $10. LOL.

-  i was slicing open an avocado, and the knife slipped. i stabbed my hand, forcefully. i am okay. no stitches were needed. but it is quite sore. i couldn't even clap my hands at church on sunday.

-  for years - decades! - i have washed my hair daily. but after i went to the salon a couple weeks ago, i wanted to start training it to only need washing a few days a week. i was skeptical, but it's actually working! last week, i only washed it twice. i use this dry shampoo from amok. [i know $25 seems like a lot, but i'm now a firm believer that washing my hair less only works if i have great dry shampoo. this is the best i've found!]

-  i started reading in the woods by tana french. i'm set to finish 16 books this year. tell me the best book you read this year!

-  my work hosted a gala this weekend + it was so fun! the theme was the roaring 20s.

-  there is a new podcast out by indiana adams called today by the way. it is so delightful + funny + laid-back.

-  we had a family date night on friday. we ate bbq + then treated ourselves to lattes at milkfloat. we walked around towne west, and it was sad to see how deserted it's become. we ended the night with a drive to look at christmas lights.


- christmas is in less than three weeks, so basically tomorrow, right?

-  i was walking down an aisle at walmart + noticed a couple teenage girls being silly + giggling. i walked their way, and the girl looked up at me and said, "oh, we need to move. she looks like she's buying classy things." LOL. guys, i was in office supply aisle. HA. i'm still laughing about it. [side note: i have been searching for pastel highlighters for awhile + finally found some at walmart. here they are on amazon.]

-  dad joke of the week: what time did the man go to the dentist? tooth hurt-y.

-  my soul sistah is having a baby, and i am overjoyed and slightly emotional. [okay- that last part is a lie. i'm never slightly emotional.] i am so grateful for the time we had before we met our husbands-  our friday nights + falls creek + her leading worship + all the long talks we had. love you, riz!


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