what i want to remember: aug 1 - aug 7

::  "don't be reactionary in your parenting choices; be wise."  [phylicia masonheimer]

::  on monday night, my creative juices were flowing so much that it was eight o'clock before i realized i hadn't taken my phone out of my work bag when i arrived home four hours earlier. this is why time away from social media is so important: i don't reach for my phone for hours at a time because it doesn't feel urgent to be there anymore. there is joy in missing out on posts + stories + such. if i'm meant to read someone's words or see a photo, it will find me.

::  we voted in the local election on tuesday night. even though we stood in line for two hours + even though it did not go the way we hoped, it was not in vain.

::  covid, round two. i worked from home for three days this week, and then rested all weekend. i watched lots of episodes of magnolia table + zoe bakes on discovery+.

::  this week's pinterest inspo board is giving late summer vibes.

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