the weekly: july 30th - august 5th.

  S N A P S H O T S  
-  this kid loves evening walks. i play worship music + walk around the neighborhood before his bedtime.
-  YOU GUYS. run to walmart right now and buy this cookie butter.  
-  we have received sweet little 'thinking of you' gifts from friends lately.
-  dessert from my mother-in-law.

  D A I L I E S  
-  MONDAY was my first day back to work. it was hard, but i did it.
-  i spent TUESDAY night painting over at the house.
-  i started reading "why i hate green beans" on WEDNESDAY.
-  jackson + i enjoyed a peaceful evening on THURSDAY with a walk + extra snacks.
-  i had a rough day at work on FRIDAY, but it ended well with strawberry shortcake.
-  SATURDAY was so glorious. i did housework + hung out with jackson all day.
-  we worked on the house for a couple hours on SUNDAY while jack napped.

  P R E V I O U S L Y  on  W I L D B L O O M  
+  i am considering another polaroid project for next year. here is the 2014 polaroid project.
+  i shared my bullet journal two years ago on the blog. i recently purchased an agendio planner. i'm SO excited!
+  i recently went back through every single blog post and updated old content + broken links and stumbled across this post. i'd like to post a recap of each week, but i'm also realistic and know it may not happen. but for now, i really enjoy this old way of blogging! i am so inspired after reading through all of my old posts. [and a little embarrassed at some things i wrote. haha!]


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