tidbits of life.

>> strawberry lemonade and vanilla fro-yo with peanut butter chips and cookie dough. this is hands down the best perk of mama's major weight loss. her eating habits have changed dramatically, but when i introduced her to frozen yogurt, we eat it every chance we get. win-win.

>> first shot with my iphone 5. of course, it had to be a picture of a flower. if you look at the camera roll on my phone, you'll find 98% of the pictures are flowers, 1% are of trees and nature, and 1% are of food.

>> i'm not a big candy person, but caramel apple suckers are the exception. er.merr.gersh.

>> vanilla iced coffee, how i love thee.

>> whirly word is my new favorite iphone game app. i play it so much that i almost need an intervention. while everyone is checking fb and twitter, i'm over here like, yesssssssss, b-l-o-g for the win!

>> you can't tell in this picture, but my bangs - oh, my bangs - are too short. i was trimming them and realized there was a little area that was much shorter than the rest. cue freak out. thankfully, if i wear a headband, it pushes them down so you can't even tell. note to self: calm down with the flippin' scissors!

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