t w e n t y

twenty random things about me:

1 -  i love Jesus. not random, but the most important fact of all.
2 -  photography is like breathing to me. nothing makes me feel more alive than when i have a camera in hand.
3 -  when my brother was born, i asked my parents to take him back to walmart.
4 -  i always find the good in everything. to me, the glass is always half-full, no matter how bad it tastes.
5 -  penguins are my favorite animal. i want to hold one so badly i can't stand it.
6 -  i am a huge sports fan. my daddy and i spend quality time cheering for the sooners.
7 -  i curl my hair with socks.
8 -  i am a compete germaphobe. i wash my hand 7-8 times a day.
9 -  i am terrified of wasps.
10 -  i still live at home with my parents.
11 -  i love coffee. coffee drinks, coffee cake, coffee ice cream, hot or cold, if it has coffee, i like it.
12 -  wildflowers are my love language.
13 -  i know how to play the clarinet.
14 -  i like going to the movies by myself.
15 -  i spend a lot of time going on nature explorations in my family's pasture.
16 -  i sponsor a child through compassion. her name is kwagala, and she is the sweetest.
17 -  fall is my favorite season, with spring in a close second.
18 -  iced coffee & Jesus time is the best part of my day.
19 -  transformers is my favorite movie and one tree hill is my favorite tv show.
20 -  my hero is my grandma gracie. she loved Jesus with all her heart and everyone she met knew it. she went to be with Jesus many years ago, but she left a memorable life that i admire and hope to have.

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