BLOGTEMBER | day nineteen

when true love doesn't wait

this post is the best thing i've ever written. it's not eloquent, but it's full of truth.

my 2014 in polaroids

two years ago, i challenged myself to snap a polaroid each week to document twenty-fourteen. this was the funnest project i've accomplished to date! [i also documented this on instagram.]

all to Jesus i surrender

i still remember this day as though it had just happened. that moment will never leave my memory. Jesus showed up in my bedroom that day. i have never felt Him more strongly than that day. i was totally and + utterly broken, and He met me right in my mess.

twenty-six before twenty-seven

life lessons that i learned in the first twenty-six years of my life. number eighteen makes me laugh/cringe. what a hard life lesson. :)

year in review:  2013  +  2014  +  2015

recapping the year is so fun to write. i get to look back on the year and see how God moved + worked in my life. last year's review post was short and sweet because- well, what a crazy-beautiful year it was!

mentionable series:  happy lists  |   iphoneography  |  weekly musings



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