Monday, September 19, 2016

monday truths | volume 04

my pastor recently talked about how we are always waiting on a miracle from God, yet we don't actively step out in faith to get there. we treat Him like a vending machine: say a prayer, expect instant results. we might cross our fingers that God sees how much we want this or that, but where's the active faith?

faith looks like many things. sometimes it's waiting; other times, it's moving. in zaccheus' case, it's climbing a tree. he is a wee little man in a crowd of much taller people. [i imagine this to be the equivalent of standing in a crowd of NBA players. homeboys are so flippin' tall!] he could have easily just gave up and walked back home. but zaccheus stepped out in active faith and climbed a tree.

i love the quote above because it reminds me that God shows up in many different ways. we see God's provision in that tree for zaccheus before he even stepped out in faith to see Jesus. i'm reminded that He goes before me to provide a way. i love seeing God in the details. and when i step out in faith, i see His goodness each and every time.


monday truths is a series on WILDBLOOM geared to fill our lives with truth. not fluff. not feel-good nonsense. but hard-hitting, soul-feeding, life-giving truth. each week, i will post a quote, scripture, or word of truth to get you started for the week ahead.

my hope is that you will remember these little tidbits of wisdom throughout your week when lemons or curveballs or whatever random object gets thrown your way because, hey - that's life.

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