Friday, September 16, 2016

BLOGTEMBER | day sixteen

taking care of myself is vital for my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. i never fully understood the importance of self-care until this year. i have battled one sickness after another, but Jehovah-Rapha has brought healing + mending to my body and soul. i'm learning to take care of myself day by day instead of neglecting the little things that can help maintain good health- mind, body, and soul.

the best thing i can do for myself - in any + every situation - is prayer. when i take it to God, i can leave it with Him. it took me a long time to realize that. He will take my burdens as His own. prayer changes me. it keeps me in tune with the Spirit + reminds me that the God of the universe walks right next to me every step of the way.

for the last five years, the best activity i can do for my overall health is photography. when i have a camera in my hand, it's more than just snapping photos. i'm physically active, moving and often stretching to get just the right angle of that flower. i'm benefiting mentally because i am feeding my creative side and fueling a passion that runs deep in my bones. i'm so blown away by the beauty of this life that i often talk to the Lord as i'm exploring, which contributes to my spiritual well-being.

something i've learned in the last six months is to leave work at work. when i got promoted at work, i acquired a few big bookkeeping clients. the stress of learning each account coupled with longer hours weighed on me, even outside of the office. jared made a comment one day that radically changed me: you're not at work right now. you're here. be here. work will still be there tomorrow. these days, i don't have as much stress, but when there's a deadline looming on the horizon, i make sure to leave it all at the door at the end of the day.

another stress-reliever + self-care remedy is coffee. sipping a hot latte does good things for my soul.

other acts of self-care include:

cuddle with jared on the couch + talk my heart out.
watch a couple [dozen] episodes of my favorite tv shows.
listen to worship music + blog or write.
give myself a manicure/pedicure.
read a few chapters of a book.
call my mama.
make a happy list.
wear bright lipstick.

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