Thursday, September 15, 2016

BLOGTEMBER | day fifteen

the craziest adventure i've ever been on began on january 27, 2015. my best friend had convinced me to try online dating. i hesitantly agreed, not giving it much merit or confidence. there were a few guys who seemed interesting, but nothing panned out. i was sitting at my desk, probably blogging, when i got a notification from the dating app: jared has messaged you! i opened it up to read: 99% match is pretty good. agreed.

we messaged back and forth on the app all day. the next day, he asked if we could text. i agreed. and then he asked to talk on the phone. [you mean, like, talking to each other with real words from my mouth instead of my fingers?! instant panic ensued.] i agreed again.

we talked about everything in our lives for over two hours during out first phone conversation. before we hung up, he put it all out there for me: we should meet up in person. if either of us decides we're not into it, we don't have to see each other after that. again, i agreed.

i could share all the sweet details of the following weeks, but let's fast forward to march 14th. this is the day jared asked me to be his wife. YES. a month and a half after meeting on a dating app, this guy asks me to marry him. i agreed.

the next week was a happy blur of wedding planning + staring my my ring. i went up to wichita the following weekend. jared and i were driving to church when he looked over at me, and said "let's just go to vegas." after that week of wedding prep and searching and craziness, i happily agreed.

on march 27th, 2015 - two months to the day of receiving that message from him on the dating app - jared and i eloped in vegas! it was the best day of my life + the best decision i've ever made.

my crazy adventure hasn't stopped though. this life with him is the best adventure - full of crazy-beautiful moments. there is no one i'd rather have by my side. standing under a star-filled sky, he committed his life to loving + choosing me every single day.

and i agreed.  

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