november 2022 goals


this post is inspired by em for marvelous. i have started working on my end-of-year recaps and went to reference her blog for my best of blog post when i started browsing her recent posts i had missed. i came across her november goals post, and since i have been in such a creative rut lately, here i am - sharing my goals + such.

on my calendar this month:
-  holiday days off from work: veterans day, thanksgiving, + black friday
-  friendsgiving for our class at church
-  voting in our local elections 
-  thanksgiving in oklahoma

what i'm loving right now:
•  christmas trees. i am in the camp that decorates on nov 1st. there is something magical about twinkling lights, and it brings me so much joy. we decorate our floral tree again this year, and i am still in love.
•  "praise Him forever" by jervis campbell. it'll for sure be my fav of the year!
•  the grandpa sweater latte from coffee daze. (the most delicious combo of maple + lavender)

books read in october:
+  carrie soto is back - 4 stars
+  upgrade - 4 stars
+  the it girl - 3 stars
+  i'm glad my mom died - 4 stars

revisiting my october goals-
-  read two books. i read five! 
-  autumn fun list. we ended up only accomplishing about half the tasks on the list, but i am still grateful for the memories we made.
-  order 2023 powersheets. YES! i ordered the papaya color.
-  research church history. not so much. i need to find a beginners list of books + podcasts.
-  recap my weeks on the blog. yep! i have published my weekly musings almost each week for the last year. 
-  social media sabbath. each friday evening to saturday afternoon. 

november goals:
•  find an advent study 
•  order winter quarter 22-23 bullet journal
•  brainstorm end-of-year recaps
•  fill out my winter quarter bujo (dec, jan, & feb)
•  read two books 
•  write fall '22 quarter recap


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