thoughts from the #onedayHH challenge



each year, laura tremaine hosts the #onedayHH challenge. the goal is to document your day, hour by hour. i have participated in this for several years. when i first heard of the challenge, i thought about how boring my updates would be - i work all day + can't really show what i do because i work at a financial institution. my days are mostly the same - what's the fun in that?

but what i have come to learn is this:
there is still beauty in the mundane, everyday parts of my life.
-  waking up in our home
-  the creativity + freedom i find in getting dressed
-  having jared home with jackson each day
-  creating + living a life we truly enjoy
-  working at a job i don't hate
-  supportive coworkers + good benefits
-  dinner i did not have to make
-  scripture + prayer in the evening
-  twinkling lights + decaf coffee 
-  crawling into a warm bed with my husband

i like to look back on past years + see how things have changed (or not changed!).

i usually document the entire day, from the moment i wake up until i lay down to go to sleep. that's something that was different this time around. since implementing my weeknight habit of no social media, i posted my last update at 4:15. i was also on my phone a lot more during the day to post each hour, but that's expected. it did not help that we were soooo dang busy, so it was slightly harder to document, but i did it. 

another aspect of my life that seems to differ each year is my morning routine. the start time has been getting earlier + earlier, it seems. but this year, i had such an overwhelming gratefulness for my current morning routine. this time last year, i was running on fumes + always stressed. our obedience to this new way of life has led to peace. praise be to God for His provision + faithfulness!


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