meals that changed my life.

in drew barrymore's cookbook, rebel homemaker, she listed all the favorite meals she's consumed over the years. i loved the idea + started thinking about my own list. while my meals are not as well-traveled + culturally diverse as hers, it made me smile to think back on the foods + experiences that went along with the meal. because for me, the atmosphere can make or break a meal. 

our hotel, the luxor

+  when my brother + i were little, we would spend our summers together at home while our parents were working. my mom bought us mini frozen breakfast pizzas topped with sausage, scrambled eggs, cheese, and cream white gravy. they were so good! the day after jared + i eloped in vegas, we feasted at the biggest buffet i have ever experienced. they had a section of breakfast items, including pizza. it tasted exactly like those pizzas from my childhood + i almost cried with nostalgic excitement.

+  chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream from braum's is the best ice cream in the world. i cannot be convinced otherwise. drizzle it with some chocolate syrup? like heaven in a bowl.

daddy + i

+  most people who know me can tell you one of my favorite foods is potatoes. i love them fried, mashed, roasted, baked, hash browns, french fries, cheesy potatoes - it doesn't matter how it is served, i will eat it. my most favorite way would be what my family has dubbed, dad's potatoes. he shreds them up like hash browns. he adds diced onions, butter, salt, + pepper. once they are cooked, he places cheese on the top. he loves cheese as much as i do, so it's oozing with cheesy goodness!

+  mazzios pizza. this is a pizza joint in my hometown. it took moving two hours away for me to realize it's the best pizza i have ever had. my order: large, thin crust with cheese, black olives, jalapeños, + sausage. 

madagascar rose latte from coffee slingers

+  i have savored hundreds of lattes in my lifetime, but the most memorable one was at coffee slingers in OKC. it was a madagascar rose latte. we stopped by on a chilly february day for a warm cup of coffee after venturing around the metro. as i warmed my hands around the cup, i took the first sip. i'm convinced that when i get to heaven, that is exactly what a latte will taste like.

+  if you were to ask those close to me what my favorite dessert is, the unanimous answer would be cake. (i also have very strong opinions about the use of the word, cake. when i roll up to a birthday party + you are serving either a cookie "cake" or an ice cream "cake", just know i am silently judging you.) my favorite cakes are my mom's butter pecan cake with maple frosting + my MIL's coconut poke cake. the apple cider cupcake from milkfloat is delectable. i could go on + on when it comes to cake. 

+  chai lattes are a comfort drink for me. the best chai latte in the world (dramatic but true) is from aspen coffee co in stillwater, oklahoma. i get one each time i visit my family + it never disappoints. aspen is also where jared + i went on our first date, so it hold special memories for us. 


after writing this list, i realized it's not just the food that makes a memory, but those with whom that meal is enjoyed are what make the meal all the more special. God gave us one another to live in community. as i get older, sharing meals together is one of life's simplest yet greatest pleasures. (and if a board or card game follows - it's even better!)


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