weekly musings: nov 14 - nov 20

+  on monday, i participated in the annual #onedayhh challenge. i enjoy this because it shows me that, even though my days may seem to be mundane or always the same, they are still full of grace + beauty.

+  we got our first snow of the season. it wasn't much of anything, but it sure was pretty to watch as it fell softly. 

+  i finished a flicker in the dark. i give it 3.5 stars. it was a decent read. the author really, really loves descriptive adjectives. i listened to this one on audio, but i'm wondering if it would have been better as a kindle book.

+  november 2022 goals  (this post may have helped kick me out of my writing rut.)

+  i broke my NYT mini crossword record: 28 seconds! i was shook.

a happy list from the week because i need to remind myself of the good + beautiful + true:
• taking jackson to get a cake pop at starbucks + giggling as we wait
• a restful saturday 
• Hope + forgiveness
• our cozy home on chilly nights
• twinkling christmas lights
• hot coffee


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