weekly musings: nov 21 - nov 27


+  Jesus can heal all the broken parts of your life; you just have to let Him.

+  we spent thanksgiving in oklahoma with my family. 🖤🦃

+  jared + i have most of our christmas shopping complete. someone give us a medal because we have been guilty of buying presents on christmas eve in years past! 

+  i bought these pens on black friday + they are sooo good! [affiliate link]

+  the blog received the cuuuuutest makeover! i love it. 💻

+  jared + i went to the movies on friday night to watch the new black panther. the movie itself was really good, but the experience was the worst either of us have ever had. there were several teenagers in the theater. they were so disrespectful; constantly on their phones, yelling, talking to one another. at one point, the kid next to me took a phone call - yes, literally talking on his phone. it was so unpleasant. they were eventually kicked out. 

+  i updated my favorites page, so now there's a catch-all space for things i love + actually use.

+  jackson + i finished a puzzle on saturday. it is one of our mommy/son hobbies to enjoy together, and it makes me so happy. 🧩

+  advent starts today (sunday). this is the resource i'm using. last year was the first year i actively participated in advent. this daily practice of centering my heart + mind + soul on the reason for this season changed me in ways i never anticipated. ✨

+  here is an updated weekly inspo pinterst board.


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