weekly musings: sept 12 - sept 18


+  it was 54º when i walked into work on monday morning. i see you, autumn! 🍂

+  i found a good podcast this week. ask dr. e is a short (usually 10 minutes or less) podcast that answers theological questions. for instance, "should christian parents have their sons circumcised?" and "what is sanctification?". it is a great podcast for tidbits of theology. 🎧

+  i found dr. easley's podcast because it was mentioned in the pour over, which is a newsletter delivered to your inbox monday, wednesday, + friday. it is a christian-based publication that helps christians stay up-to-date on current events, while keeping our focus on Jesus. sign up here. 💻

+  i beat my record + solved the mini-crossword in 47 seconds! 🥰

+  jared: "jackson, what goes at the end of a sentence?" jackson: "a pyramid!" 😂

+  i checked off an item on my autumn fun list this weekend. we went apple (and peach) picking at a farm outside of wichita. it was really fun and really hot. 🍁

+  before we went apple picking on saturday morning, we stopped by the reverie for breakfast + coffee. i had my favorite latte - the salted caramel. it was so fun to slow down + enjoy our coffee + hang out together before out little adventure. 🍎☕️

+ i took the week off social media + it was wonderful. 🖤



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