Tuesday, September 16, 2014

S I X T E E N // what you didn't know.

most people don't know this, but...

i won third place in my fifth grade science fair.

that's right, y'all. third place. my project was a color-changing carnation. [a flower - imagine that!]

to do this, i bought a white carnation and split the stem half-way using a knife. next i filled two cups with water and food coloring. i then placed one of the half-stems in one cup and did the same with the other. i let it set overnight, and VIOLA! if i remember correctly, i used blue and green food dye so my carnation would pop. when i took it to school, i felt a little deflated when i saw everyone's projects. i knew my project was cool, but i was also competing against a tornado in a box and a girl whose dad was the middle school science teacher. the pressure was on. when it came time to announce the winners, i wasn't even paying attention when they called my name. everyone turned to look at me, and i remember going all "miss america" and freaking out.

i could have shared many other things, but i have some sweet memories from that day. my parents helped me so much, even buying almost a dozen carnations from the florist so i could experiment. i found the thank you note above that i wrote to them. seeing that artwork reminds me why i never won art contests.

 in case you're wanting to try this on your own, i found step-by-step instructions here.

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