Monday, September 15, 2014

F I F T E E N // mood board.

make a mood board

a mood board is typically a collage of photos gathered from various sites on the internet. but this blogtember challenge has uncovered a creative side in me that i didn't know existed. instead of making a regular ol' mood board, i had the idea to gather a few of my favorite things that are inspiring me during the rebranding process of this blog. [they're on a foam board, so that's the same thing, right? just go with it.]

the Word // my very existence is because of my Creator. i blog to share the story He is writing - my life.
coffee // there is something magical about drinking a latte while writing and blogging and web surfing.
flowers // they are my love language. [and 99% of my instagram feed.]
camera + polaroids // photography is my passion.
pens + washi tape + day designer // office products & organization make my heart happy.

the rebrand isn't just a name & design change - i want to take this space in a new direction. better content, sharing more of my heart, faith, fashion + beauty, and fun stuff. the new design is all about simplicity. i am incorporating gray + black + white with little pops of purple.

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