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july 27, 1996

 clearly i was excited.

 a little too excited. :)

 i must have been a fan of charles haley.

 on the field.

i had to include this for laughs. i mean... look at our clothes!

when i think of family vacations, there is one i will never forget. my parents bought tickets to a dallas cowboys preseason game, so we traveled down to irving, texas to watch them play against the oakland raiders. i was nine at the time and my brother was seven, so we were extra excited. i have four distinct memories from that trip that always bring laughs when we reminisce.

oh, crap
one of my family members needed to use the restroom. unfortunately, there was nothing for miles, so we pulled off the main road to what we thought was a secluded country road. just as they finished their business, wouldn't you know it - someone drove by. we all laughed so hard!

permission denied
we stayed in a hotel close to the stadium. so close that all we had to do was walk about a mile to get there. the only problem? crossing six lanes of traffic. in texas. when we arrived at the stadium, the security guy asked to see inside mama's bag. she packed snacks, candy, and water bottles for all of us. he took one glance and told us we couldn't bring it in. the looks on our faces were priceless. we realized that someone would have to take the bag back to the hotel room. bubba and i were obviously too young, so daddy volunteered. then panic set in as we waited for him to get back. praise the Lord, he made it back without incident because that texas traffic is no flippin' joke.

how 'bout them cowboys 
there were two belligerently drunk guys sitting directly behind us at the game. they were so obnoxious up until the third quarter, when they decided to leave because "the raiders got this one in the bag." well they probably felt really stupid when they got home and saw the final score because dallas came back and won!

we're not in oklahoma anymore
for breakfast one morning, we decided to stop by mcdonalds. when it came our turn to order, mama asked biscuits & gravy. the girl looked at her like she was crazy. "we don't have that here, ma'am." the four of us were bewildered. you seriously don't have biscuits & gravy?! apparently that mcdonalds in texas did not. we ordered something else, but we were not thrilled.


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