Monday, October 22, 2018

the weekly: october 15th - 21st.

  S N A P S H O T S  

-  celebratory chick-fil-a.  
-  wild + free.
-  he loves my parents' land.
-  jackson + mommy.

   M O M E N T S  +  H A P P E N I N G S    

-  i survived the tax deadline on monday + celebrated with chick-fil-a.

-  i had a prayer answered in a big way this week. i can't say anything just yet [not pregnant] but it is huge for our family!

-  we took a short overnight trip to oklahoma to visit my family. jackson had a blast running around my parents' property and soaked up all the attention.

   L E S S O N S   +  R E A L I Z A T I O N S   

-  i was telling jared how stuck i felt in a certain area of my life. he told me that meant the breakthrough was about to happen. he had no idea just how right he was! if you're feeling stick, like there's no hope of your situation changing, i'm confident that God will either change our hearts or change our circumstances.

-  there is something about going back to oklahoma that resets my soul.  

  P R E V I O U S L Y  on  W I L D B L O O M  

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