He goes before me.

today is my last day at my current job.

this is the part where i'm supposed to say that it's bittersweet, but that would be a lie. yes- i will miss a couple of my co-workers fiercely. but that is not a reason to stay.

for the last six months, i have felt like i was drowning. just when i thought i could breathe, another wave would come crashing in. work became this place where i was just trying to survive. i could list all the reasons why, but that's not my style. simply put, i was giving my all and then some in exchange for chump change.

when i started this job three years ago, i proudly walked in the house one night after work and declared that i was going to retire from that place. i loved my job, the clients, everything. shortly after i was hired, i received a promotion. in hindsight, that's where it all started.

when i started job hunting in late spring of this year, i had daily emails of open positions for bookkeepers, but nothing that looked promising. i started to feel hopeless. i casually mentioned this to jared a few weeks ago, and he quickly replied, "that's when a breakthrough is about to happen." little did he know just how right he was.

while at work on a saturday (ugh), jared texted me that a local credit union had just posted an opening in their accounting department. i had previously worked for the company as a bank teller, but quickly realized accounting was my first love. i applied immediately. the following monday, i received an email asking for an interview, which happened on wednesday. the next day, i was asked back for a second interview. i found that promising. at the end of the second interview, we wrapped up the questions, and they looked at me and said, "we want to hire you." WAIT WHAT.

guys. this job comes with a big pay increase plus benefits! it's huge for our family.

God was faithful to provide this job. i never lost faith- even if it was the size of a mustard seed. i asked Him when this process started to either change my heart or change my situation. He did both actually. but there's another part to this story that i need to tell. 

i put my two weeks in yesterday. the reaction was expected. i was asked that my last day be today. i agreed. i had another week before i could officially start my new job, so i wondered how that would affect our finances. nonetheless, i knew we'd be okay.

but God went before me and made a way before i even had a chance to ask. i got back to my desk and saw an email from my new employer confirming my start date. she mentioned i could start next week if need be. PRAISE HIM.


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