one teaspoon, not one cup.

  N E W  J O B  

i have been at the credit union for a little over a month now. it's so great to be back! [i previously worked at mcu for six months right after jared + i got married]. having that prior experience made the transition much easier than i expected. my co-workers are fun + helpful. and goodness, there's always food! the only drawback to my new job is the commute. traffic is always a nightmare, but next year, we are moving our headquarters (where i work) downtown, so it won't be as bad! (i initially typed something about being a working girl downtown, but that made me sound like a hooker instead of an accounting associate. ha!)

  J A C K S O N  

jackson is seventeen months. he is feisty + sweet + always on the go. we recently gave him his first haircut. he looks like a big boy, and my heart simultaneously aches + bursts when i see him now. while this age is really, really exhausting, it's also really fun. he understands a lot of what we are saying now, so when i point to things or say something, he comprehends it instead of looking at me like i have five heads. he can say nine words - mama, dada, baba (his cup), nana (bananas/my mom), papa, bubble, bible, tyler, and juice.

in the last month, jackson had croupe + then another virus two weeks later. i am fully aware that he is going to get sick, but it would help if other parents would use some common (and courteous!) sense and keep their sick children at home. i'm really thankful that my in-laws + niece don't mind watching jackson when he has a cold. there are many challenges to being a working mom, and having a sick kid is one of the top stressors. but i've made my peace with the fact that jackson is a walking germ ball, so sickness if inevitable.

i will admit though that when he was sick last week, he wanted me to hold him all evening. i happily obliged. i was watching tv and looked down to find him asleep in my arms. i don't ever want him to be sick, but my heart was bursting during that hour + a half that he was asleep on me. it reminded me of this time last year when i'd rock him to sleep after nursing. when those memories flood my memory or my FB timeline, i have to choke the tears back. i look back on that season of my life with a sort of fondness. at the time, it was hard. really, really hard. but it was still good.

  R A N D O M S  

-  i'm learning that motherhood is hard, but "hard" doesn't mean that something is wrong; it just means it's hard.

-  i made a strawberry pretzel salad for thanksgiving, and it was a hit! my MIL informed me that i am required to bring that to thanksgiving + christmas from now on. not gonna lie, i was really happy everyone liked it. i lovelovelove to bake, but i'm always nervous for other people to try my desserts. it possibly has to do with the time i was baking peanut butter cookies, and i had my mom try the batter. she made a horrid face. how much salt did you add?! we looked at the recipe and nearly fell over with laughter when we realized my mistake - it called for one teaspoon, not one cup of salt. oops. (in my defense, i was young. it's why i now triple check a recipe when it calls for a teaspoon/tablespoon/cup!). i also baked two pumpkin pies for the first time, and they turned out great. (well from what i was told - it's not my favorite dessert).

-  it seems like it has snowed a lot lately. it's not even officially winter yet, and i want to cancel winter already.

-  we watched fantastic beasts + loved it! i saw a lot of negative reviews of the movie online the next day, and i'm just overly annoyed with everyone being offended + highly critical of every stinking thing. i'm in favor of constructive criticism, but social media has convinced everyone to share every little offense or dislike.

-  i have been drinking tea in the afternoons at work, and it is a small thing, but it brings me joy.

-  we are still loving our new home. we switched jackson's bedroom + the spare bedroom for now because his bedroom was getting too cold with the door shut. i cannot wait for it to get warm again so that we can start up our evening walks again.

-  i recently have been trying new recipes. this mexican lasagna was delicious! this creamy beef pasta was not.


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