DIY fall pumpkins.

the oklahoma weather finally got the memo, and fall has arrived! it's been scarves, boots, changing leaves, and pumpkin eeeeeeverything. 

[timeout: ((yes, i totally just pulled a zack morris there. i loved when he called timeout because the actors in that scene had to stay perfectly still, and it was always hilarious to me. 90's kids forever, y'all.)) i have a confession to make. fact: i love fall. by definition, i should be one of those people who counts down until the beloved day starbucks begins selling pumpkin spice lattes. truth: i just tried my first PSL last weekend. cue dramatic gasp. i know, i know. but the verdict is in, and hollaaaa, they are ok, time in.]

make a fun DIY from pinterest is on my autumn to-do list. i found the cutest pumpkin craft from a subtle revelry and got to craftin'.

 items used:
- 3 small pumpkins
- apple barrel's acrylic paint in purple pansy, tuscan red, ivory.
- gold brads
- white push pins
- washi tape
- foam brush

helpful tips:
- be careful not to chip the paint with fingernails when pushing pins or brads onto the pumpkin.
- i didn't like the plain white tacks, so i covered them in washi tape.
- pumpkin juice will seep out after pushing on the pins/brads. lightly dab with finger to remove.
- buy short brads. i bought the long ones and had to cut them. (not a problem, just time consuming)


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