tidbits of life.

- ben & jerry's red velvet cake ice cream. it's like, WHOA.

- relevant magazine. i love their online content, but i also like having a physical copy to read and highlight the good stuff. i was almost falling off my chair from extreme laughter after reading this article written by jon acuff.

- red hair. this was a big stretch for me. i usually play it safe with a pretty brunette color, but as i stood in the hair dye aisle, i decided i wanted something bold for fall. what's more bold than red? so i grabbed three boxes (yes, my hair is loooong) and didn't look back. the only time i got nervous was right before i put it on, remembering that one incident from a couple years ago. i used a color called dark brown, which really means black. i looked like i was an extra in the twilight movies. alas, the color is beautiful and compliments my skin tone very well.  

- pinecone & beautiful bokeh. everyone always asks me about my fascination with pinecones. it's not pinecones in general, but a specific tree. before my grandma gracie went to be with Jesus, she lived next door to us. she planted a pinecone tree many years ago. now it's one of the largest trees on our property and a sweet reminder of the most godly woman i have ever known.

- my saturday morning. it's my favorite morning, next to sunday, of course. i don't even sleep in because i love it so much. i wake up, get coffee, and sit at my desk for a few hours, studying my sunday school lesson, reading scripture, and journaling. (ps: how awesome is my new she reads truth mug?!)  

- instax of flowers. i am eagerly waiting for the trees to turn so i can take pretty fall polaroids.

- chai tea & mustache mug. i tried chai tea for the first time, and it was so good.

- salted caramel gelato. i also recently tried gelato for the first time. verdict: awesome.

- leaf & hunters. fall is here and my heart is happy.


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