-  our niece got married at the beginning of the month, so we ventured out + ate cake + had a great time. saturdays are usually our date nights, but we decided to have a night in, and it was so wonderful. i read + rocked jackson to sleep while jared sat next to me.

-  jared was offered a new position at work! while this doesn't mean a shift change at the moment, it's a greater stepping stone to being back on first shift eventually. bonus: he will be training on first shift for a month!

-  i read four books: eleanor oliphant is completely fine  |  the woman in cabin 10  |  the lying game  |  chasing slow

-  i rang in the year with a horrible case of hives. jackson seems to be able to tolerate dairy now, but apparently i am allergic to it now. i am hoping that i just added it back into my diet too quickly [aka: too much]. i have been back on a mostly dairy-free diet, so we will see how it goes.

jackson turned seven months old!


::  after months + months of trying, striving, and living life my way + by my own strength, the Lord met me in the middle of my mess. in my office at work. i was sitting there, absentmindedly thinking [aka: worrying] about something when i just felt His presence so strongly.

::  there are certain aspects of motherhood i wish i could change, but because i'm a working mom, i'm learning to accept that our ways - though different from others - are what work best for our family.

::  sometimes God shows up in a target bathroom.

::  i made a point to write down three good things from the day. this habit is great on those days when life feels rough.


Q1 word: balance.
currently | january 2018.
a happy list.
when God shows up in a target bathroom.
+  notes from the weekend  //  vol 1 + vol 2 + vol 3 + vol 4


+  read two books  //  i finished four! 

+  gather medical + tax info  //  yep. it helps that i'm a bookkeeper, so these things aren't hard. 

+  schedule a hair appointment  //  goodbye, white trash roots. 

+  write down three good things from the day  // 

+  get in the Word  //  i ordered a new bible. it's a start.  


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