-  after weeks of struggling with a severe case of hives, i finally found relief this weekend! my doctor upped my meds, and it seems to be working. i'm still not sure if it's because i went a little [okay...a lot] cray with the reintroduction of dairy into my diet, or if it's because i am legit allergic to it now. either way, i am thankful to not be itching. it was the worst.

-  we had a wedding saturday afternoon, and afterward, we decided to have a night in for once. saturdays are typically our date nights because of jared's work schedule, but it was so nice to just hang out with husband, rock jackson to sleep early, and read for awhile.

-   i am still working on my powersheets prep for the new year. i have narrowed down the areas i want to focus on this year, but i was having difficulty with my word/phrase for the year. in the past, it was already swirling around in my head by december. this year, i felt the Lord nudging me to focus on everything by quarter. [as a bookkeeper, this made my heart sing with delight.] so my word for Q1 of 2018 is BALANCE.



+  i finished eleanor oliphant is completely fine over the weekend. such a cute book! i love her personality + literal-ness. i was on the wait list for months, so i devoured this book pretty quickly. [did you know that you can place holds on e-books? i used to be a "physical copy only!" hater, but it's just so much easier to balance a baby + a kindle.]

+  my friend amanda of the lady okie blog shared her thoughts on going back to work after baby #2. it was hard for me to go back to work after having jackson, but i have zero guilt about it these days. amanda also shared this article, and these words made me want to take out a billboard ad + plaster them all over for everyone to see:  "i have to wonder if we haven’t traded one idol for another, if we haven’t swapped out the caricature of the empowered feminist for the caricature of the domestic goddess." although after i linked this, i started to read some of the comments, and now i want to punch someone.

+  i love this episode about cleaning on the simple show podcasts. fun fact about me: i love tidying up our home at the end of each day. i know... so nerdy! but it gives me life in such a weird way. i also really love vacuuming. i just ordered a really nice, fancy shark vacuum cleaner, and it arrives this week, and i cannot contain my inner danny tanner! 

this tweet is EVERYTHING. 


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