STARTING:  to set my goals for the new year. in years past, i've set random goals like read xx books, but this year i want to focus on six areas of my life: faith, marriage, jackson, creativity, work, and home tending.  

HOPING:  for lots of things: hoping jackson + i start feeling better soon. [we have colds] hoping that i'm not allergic to dairy now because i'm covered in hives. hoping for a shift change at jared's job. hoping for a really short winter because -4 degrees is just stupid.

SCHEDULING:  not very much actually. january is the start of tax season, so my days look pretty much the same until april: work, home, repeat. i will be working saturdays this year, and even though i'll miss my boys, i also really love my job. there is actually one thing i need to schedule soon: a hair appointment. these roots be hideous, y'all.

READING:  eleanor oliphant is completely fine.  i read three books last year. yikes. but - you know - i had a baby, so there's that. i don't have a set number for my reading goal. it isn't really about hitting the number as much as it's about taking time to read instead of mindlessly scrolling social media or browsing netflix for an hour.  

PLAYING:  alllllll the podcasts! they have taken over the radio in my car. i couldn't tell you the last song i listened to because podcasts are my jam right now. my favorites are the popcast + the simple show. i just started listening to the next right thing + that sounds fun.


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