+  jackson started eating some pureed foods this month. he also turned six months old!

+  we celebrated christmas with my family in oklahoma and with jared's family here in wichita.

+  i added dairy back in to my diet, and jackson seems to be handling it well. but then i broke out in hives all over my body, so now i actually may be allergic to dairy.

+  we rang in the new year with family + games + lots of laughter.


::  as a working mom, i know there are milestones + moments i'm going to miss. jackson started solids this month, and i kept trying to get him to eat bananas, but homeboy wasn't interested. jared's parents gave him some solids while they were watching him one day, and he gobbled it up. i felt a ting of sadness, but the next day, jared's mom told us how thankful she was for jared's dad to get to see jackson try food for the first time because he missed out on those milestones when their kids were little. it was such a sweet moment.

::  just because an item is on sale doens't mean i neeeeeeed it.

::  i had a lot of work to get caught up this month at my job because i took a couple days off in preparation for the craziness of tax season. the best thing that helped me stay motivated? podcasts! i've been binging the popcast + the simple show.

::  crunchy moms make me feel like a lesser mother. but the other side of that? i let myself feel less than even though it's not true. i'm working on this though. i'm learning to stay away from certain blogs and scrolling past articles on facebook that are filled with the most vile + hateful comments ever. i'm learning to accept that there are certain parts of motherhood that look different for me because i'm a working mom. i'm learning. that's the key to this journey.


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