NOTES FROM THE WEEKEND | volume three.

-  we finally took our christmas tree down this weekend.

-  jackson is sooooo close to crawling. there were several moments that i held my breath because i thought he was about to crawl. i have conflicting emotions. on one hand, i'm excited that he's progressing + growing, but on the other hand, time is flying, and i just want my baby to be little forever.

-  we had a lazy sunday. it was glorious + restful + much needed. we opened the windows + took jackson outside. it was one of those slow days where your soul has room to breathe.


this episode of the lazy genius podcast was so good for my mama soul.

this blog has lots of easy recipes that i cannot wait to try. [especially this + this + this]

this video makes me cry-laugh every. single. time.

+  i cannot wait to get this book in the mail!

+  i shared some sunday inspiration on my instagram.


eating cake for breakfast. taking a drive to get coffee. baby cuddles. hearing jared sing to jackson. sixty degrees + open windows. hanging out with our people. this song. second + third cups of coffee. reading. strawberries + coconut whipped cream. fresh air. sushi. chocolate pea milk. fun dinosaur socks.


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