my sister-in-law, nieces, and i had a girls' night yesterday. we ate chipotle + shopped + made a quick stop by target.

jackson had a dirty diaper, so jill + i went to the bathroom to change him. as i was throwing the diaper away, she noticed a hair was wrapped around his toe. my heart sank. there was an article floating around FB months ago about an incident where a hair had got wrapped around a baby's toe, and he ended up losing the toe. i'm not sure if this was fake news, but it was crazy enough that jared + i obsessively checked his feet for days.

i was trying not to panic + cry. jackson was hysterical. rightly so. the hair was so tight around his little toe. i started silently praying for God to make a way because i didn't know what to do. we each tried to get it, all to no avail. jill got out her pocket knife and after what seemed like an eternity, it finally snapped off.

relief flooded over me like a tidal wave. i comforted jackson as we walked around, and homeboy was fine. he just wanted to look around + play with his binkie. i felt the guilt rising up, but i refused to give it life. instead i gave praise to the Lord as i rocked jackson to sleep when we got home.

i know that this story + my reaction may seem dramatic. i'd agree on most days. but the last two weeks of my life have been so sweet with the Lord. He's been showing up and moving mountains in places + circumstances where i've felt lost.

even in a target bathroom.


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