weekly musings: aug 15 - aug 21


+  weekly musings or what i want to remember? am i ever going to settle on a name for this weekly recap series on the blog?! why am i this way? 

+  we made a random trip to a local bougie health food store on monday night for a few things. i grabbed a frosted sugar cookie at the check-out counter and OH MY GOSH. those cookies will be in heaven, i am convinced of it. [we went back later in the week + bought two more. so good!] 

+  a goal i am working on this week: updating old blog posts with broken links, misspellings, etc.

+  i ordered my Q3 bullet journal! it is crazy that i am preparing for my favorite time of year. i'm giddy!

+  it was 77º on tuesday evening + i wore a hoodie on my evening walk. it was glorious.

+  "a fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion."  [proverbs 18:2]  //  are you more known for your opinions than your ability to listen to an opposing viewpoint without contention? 

+  i finished two books this week. "cover story" - on audio - was a good book that made me literally put my hand over my mouth as the last paragraph was read. i was sitting in my cubicle and had to hide my reaction because it definitely caught me by surprise. it was a good book! the other book i finished - "the house across the lake" - was the first book i've read on my kindle in years. it was good, but took a sort of paranormal turn. it wasn't bad, but it did make me read with caution because i don't do demonic stuff, but it never actually crossed that line. i enjoyed it nonetheless. [affiliate links] 

+  we stayed at my SIL's airbnb on friday night. it was so fun to get away for a day + explore the property. i rode my nephew's 4-wheeler, and now i want one! i had forgotten the wonders an atv ride can do for the mind + spirit. 




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