things i love, part two.


i love when i pick up a newborn baby + they scrunch up their lower body. 

i love walking in my neighborhood while listening to a podcast.  

i love rainy days. i love big cozy sweatshirts. i love saturday mornings. 

i love open windows in our home with a candle burning.  

i love reading by the light of our christmas tree. i love to vacuum.

i love the sound of crunchy leaves beneath my feet. i love tacos.  

i love browsing trader joes. i love finding new products at trader joes. 

i love the buffalo chicken dip at trader joes. i (clearly) love trader joes.

i love the smell of lavender. i love jared's homemade chicken pot pie.

i love sitting around the fire pit in our backyard. i love cheese.

i (still) love the sooners, even during a rebuilding season.  

i love walking through department stores during the holidays.

i love the changing of seasons. i love maple lattes.

i love browsing the plant section at lowes. i love crumbl cookies.

i love the daily mini crossword. i love a lazy sunday afternoon.

i love exploring coffee shops with jared when we travel. i love lavender lattes.


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