weekly musings: dec 12 - dec 18


+  the boys + i had our annual tradition of dinner, coffee, + christmas lights on tuesday evening. we ate dinner at jason's deli (why is their mexican baked potato so dang good?!). we then made our way to milkfloat for the best lattes we've had in wichita in our almost eight years together (vanilla for jared, gingerbread for me). after telling the barista we love him (kinda, in a not-weird way), we drove through college hill - my favorite during the holidays - and candy cane lane. it was a magical night. 

+  we had christmas with my family in oklahoma this week. we had the most fun! here are some fun highlights from the trip:

•  reuniting with the cutest coffee shop - laurannae. it was just as beautiful as a year ago.
•  savoring the best food of the entire trip: the cheesecake factory! (we have been there before, but this experience was exceptionally good this time around.)
•  walking around the magical lights at rhema. (it never gets old!) we went to laurannae one last time. downtown BA is so cute. i found a storefront with flowers decorating the walls + about lost my mind. 
•  visiting our favorite coffee shop in OKC, coffee slingers. we absolutely love this place. great coffee + atmosphere. the cherry on top was when my favorite song came on while we were sipping our coffees. (which is also when we realized it was a christian-owed coffee shop!) 
•  my mom's homemade tacos
•  playing uno flip (every single one of us had fun playing this game! we can't go back to regular uno now.)


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