weekly musings: dec 19 - dec 25

+  i had this song on repeat this week. 

+  wichitans learned what a snow squall is this week: a sudden, moderately heavy snowfall with blowing snow + strong, gusty winds.

+  thursday was a crazy weather day: snow squalls (i drove in one of them!) + -32º windchill. i am thankful God kept me safe in those conditions. once i got to work, it was really pretty to watch from my window view.

+  "it's a dangerous thing to think speaking without thought is the same as speaking the truth." we watched glass onion on netflix. we enjoyed the first knives out movie, so we hoped the second movie would be good. it was!

+  we played chinese checkers this week + it was so fun! (we also played lots of rounds of uno flip. everyone who plays it ends up loving it. it's a must for game nights!) 

+  i finally caved + bought a stupid stanley cup this week. it's just a cup, but i still like it. i purchased mine from scheels, which i am more excited about. this is a sporting goods company (like academy or dick's), but the best part is they are not afraid to share about Jesus. they are opening a location at towne east mall, and i am so excited to support them! 

+  "the answer is Christ in me, not me in a different set of circumstances." [elizabeth elliott] 

+  MERRY CHRISTMAS! thank you, Jesus.


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