Monday, October 1, 2018

the weekly: september 24th - 30th.

  S N A P S H O T S  

-  saturday planning.   
-  my new oils!
-  good grief, he's cute. 
-  a kid-free lunch + grocery shopping on sunday.

   M O M E N T S  +  H A P P E N I N G S    

-  jackson loves playing with the bubbles in the bathtub. he now says "buba" for bubbles.

-  jared's grandma went to be with Jesus this week. we are sad, but we know she is whole + healed now.

-  the new season of the blacklist is on netflix, so i've been getting less sleep.

-  jared really wanted to go to the renaissance fair. i did not. but it ended up being somewhat fun.

-  we walked around the mall on friday night with my sister-in-law + her family. so simple, but so fun.  

   L E S S O N S   +  R E A L I Z A T I O N S   

-  "hold plans with open hands instead of closed fists"  emily p. freeman

-  we have the best support system. i already knew this, but i'm so grateful for our families.

-  i've had a lot of anxiety about starting my oils business. i was always super skeptical about them. i thought they were kinda woo-woo. and then i started using lavender after my miscarriage, and my mind slowly started to change. i finally bought the starter kit (after weeks of deciding if it was worth it) and quickly realized why they are beloved by others. i debated the business until jared told me that he noticed a difference in his sleep since i'd been applying a sleep blend. that was all it took for me to dive head-first. i might fail, but at least i tried!

  P R E V I O U S L Y  on  W I L D B L O O M  

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