JULY 2018.

  H A P P E N I N G S 

-  i took my nieces + jackson to the new library downtown, and he LOVED it!

-  we didn't have childcare one day, so i took the day off with jackson. jared, jackson, myself, my sister-in-law, and her family went to the zoo that evening, and it was so fun watching how enamored jackson was with the animals.

-  we celebrated the fourth of july at the lake. we camped with family + spent the morning on my brother-in-law's boat.

-  i started watching white collar, and i can't stop.

we lost our sweet baby this month. i am doing okay. i'll be honest in saying that having jackson helps because if not, i'd just want to stay in bed a lot. but i find great comfort in the Lord. He has been tender with me during this whole thing.

  R E A L I Z A T I O N S 

-  if there's one thing i've learned in motherhood (which of course there's more than one; like 792 things), it's that i have to make time for the things i love. at the beginning of the year, i set out to read 12 books. i quickly realized how much i've missed reading over the past couple years, and i immersed myself in reading once jackson was in bed for the night. so far this year, i surpassed my goal and finished my 14th book!

-  taking a walk is therapeutic.  

-  mcdonald's cold brew frozen coffee is actually really, really good. especially at two in the morning when you're driving around with your husband, desperately trying to get your son to go back to sleep.


-  i found five different journals with about ten pages of writing/lists/thoughts. i'm starting to wonder if i will ever be able to fill one journal in my lifetime.


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