the weekly.

  S N A P S H O T S  
-  these cuddles don't happen often. i think jack knew mama was sad.
-  jared + i ate dinner on the patio because the weather was actually decent.
-  ice cream + double chocolate muffins.
-  so much progress on our home renovation.

  D A I L I E S  
-  MONDAY was one of the hardest days of my life.
-  i spent most of TUESDAY in bed binging netflix, just wishing the day away.
-  WEDNESDAY was more relaxing + taking it easy.
-  i ventured out of the house on THURSDAY and cried a lot, but it was good for me.
-  my niece + i went shopping on FRIDAY.
-  my family came to visit on SATURDAY.
-  on SUNDAY, we started painting the house. we are getting close!

  L I N K S  
+  i found my old blog from years ago. if you want a good laugh, go read some of the posts.
+  my sister-in-law recently launched her product on amazon.
+  i've been pinning a lot recently. [renovating a home = stalking pinterest + joanna gaines]


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