currently // december 2016

creating:  my end-of-2016 blog post. these are always my favorite to write.

cooking:  all the grilled cheese + tomato soup.

drinking:  lemon water. cherry seven-up. maple spice lattes.

snacking:  chocolate pudding. christmas cookies.

reading:  talking as fast as i can - lauren graham.

watching:  this is us, parenthood, parks + rec.

looking:  out the window at the pretty snow!

playing:  an old playlist i found on my macbook. dance party up in here!

liking:  the fact that i discovered a $240 credit with erin condren.

anticipating:  finding out the baby's gender!

enjoying:  reading through old blog posts. reminiscing + inspiration.

wondering:  what our baby will look like, be like, etc.

loving:  the new star wars movie!

marveling:  at this tiny babe growing in my belly.

needing:  to finish our christmas shopping.

learning:  to open up a little more to those around me.

smelling:  a delicious soy candle from target that smells like christmas.

wearing:  layers upon layers because it's stupid cold outside.

noticing:  gorgeous winter sunsets on my way home from work.

thinking:  about warmer weather. ha!

bookmarking:  pregnancy-related everything.

giggling:  at our crazy dogs.  

feeling:  all the feelings because i'm pregnant.



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