pregnancy: week 13.

December 26, 2016

DUE DATE:  june 22, 2017


-  pesto tortellini
-  spaghettios
-  veggie subs


-  i have a cold right now, so not the greatest. and the only thing i can take while pregnant is benadryl. it makes me SO sleepy. i just want to feel better because- c'mon, it's christmas weekend!


-  this will sound weird, but i was so worried about getting a migraine throughout this pregnancy. my doctor told me that i couldn't take my normal meds, which is about the only thing that allows me to function when a migraine hits. well, on day one of thirteen weeks, i got one at work. the only thing i can take it tylenol. i popped two in and said a prayer for minimal pain. and guys. NOTHING. now i'm not thankful for the migraine itself, but i am grateful that i can tolerate them if another decides to grace me with its presence.

-  i'm going to need a bigger bra soon! :) :) :)


-  finding out the gender. hubs and i haven't discussed names yet because it's pointless until we know if it's a boy or girl. i told jared i was going to have a shirt made that says:

i'm feeling great.  
no, we don't have a name picked out.
no, we don't know the gender.
i don't have a preference; i just want a healthy baby.


-  i worked in the nursery sunday night. i wasn't on the schedule, but they needed someone to fill in, so of course i said yes. it turned out to be a total God thing, y'all! i was paired with another sweet girl from the church who just so happens to be a mom + a nurse! with all the "advice" i keep receiving, i was curious to know her thoughts. by the end of the night, i was almost in tears because i know like the Lord paired us together to give me some peace of mind about pregnancy, vaccines, breastfeeding, birth, etc. it was so, so wonderful!

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